Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me.

My Birthday:
Day before: watch Outsourced (the movie) and eat Afghan take-out with dear husband. do whatever I want.
Day of:
6:30- wake-up and talk to my Dad. 
7:00- go back to sleep
9:30- wake up again. eat fruit-loops. do boring stuff. 
12:00 play with baby.  play with husband. eat ice cream.  do whatever I want.
2:00 feel sick.  take long nap.
5:00 wake up again feeling better.  eat ice cream. play with baby.
6:00 do boring stuff.
6:30 get coffee. walk to the river.  have a picnic. watch sunset.
7:30 eat ice cream.  greet husband. go home.
8:00 blog

It was a mostly awesome birthday.

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