Friday, September 24, 2010


Today was pretty uneventful.  I stayed home trying to find things to do so I wouldn't have to go outside.  This is an exceptionally unusual circumstance, since usually trying to find ways to avoid going inside.  But, like I said yesterday, it is hotter than sin in Alexandria.  This weather has been making me homesick for Minnesota.  For the gusty, rainy, cool Autumn and brightly colored leaves.  And for my bright yellow fall coat.  Mostly for my coat.  It's been sadly hanging in my closet feeling rejected.

It keeps murmuring to itself about the way things used to be...

Do you ever look back at pictures of yourself and wonder, "Who is that?"  I just experienced this going through my old Scotland pictures from just two years ago.  Wierd.

Anyway, I've given up on the Top Tens for today, but you should check out Lori's.  I have nothing to contribute to the Household tips category, not even snarky comments.  I'm really THAT bad of a home maker.  If I could pay someone just to fold my laundry, I would. 

I do like to dress up and pretend I'm an excellent house-wife though.  I have a long history of purposely looking ridiculous and keeping documented proof.  Unfortunately, David is a really bad sport when it comes to taking pictures.  So, if I ever want to be silly again, I'll have to buy myself a tripod.

Rolling my eyes at David.

And here's some cute stuff.


  1. No one can do ridiculous like you can! I miss that.

  2. hahaha, loving the head wrap!!! that's domestic if ever i saw it! :)

    and don't be ashamed of your housewife/non-housewife capabilities. it sounds like you could be FABULOUS at delegating and that is a gift in its own right!!!

    (however, now that i've seen your pie, i think you doth protest too much.)