Thursday, September 16, 2010

I Promise

To Annora:

Just a minute ago we were talking, and you looked up at me with your little almond shaped eyes with a look that has been engraved in my mind.  You looked so bashful, smiling and blinking as if to say, "Please, will you love me?"  It's a look that I try so hard to capture, but as with all of your looks, it never looks the same in a picture.  I hope it's a face I'll never forget. 

You've grown so much in the two months that I've known you.  At first, all you did was sleep and eat, but now your personality is so vibrant!  You love to talk to me and you try to impress me all the time.  I wish you could know how proud I am of you.

There's so many things you do that I want to remember forever.  Like the way you hold your fists out when your happy, just like you're riding a motor-cycle.  And the way that you try to buzz your lips at me, but just end up with a bubbly, slobbery face.  And the little babblings and coos.  I love the way you look when you fall asleep while you are eating.  You are just so happy, you forget what you are doing and drift off into to dreamland.  There's nothing sweeter than feeling you in my arms or snuggled up against my chest.  It's my way of knowing that you love me, to have you content to sleep hearing my heartbeat.

I hear it all the time, to cherish every snuggle, because you'll soon be to independent for it.  I know it's true, and while I want it to last forever, I am so excited to see what kind of person you are.  I want to know the things that excite you and the things you are thinking.  I want to find out all of your talents and encourage you to explore and be imaginative.  I want you to be happy and keep growing happier and more fulfilled.  I know I'll have to give up one joy with every joy gained, so I'm cherishing every moment.

I want you to know that I'm proud of you, that you are special and amazing, and that with courage an discipline, you can do anything.  These things will never change no matter how old you are or what you do.  I will always encourage you to do what's right and to do what you love.  You will always be my most precious gift.

And my answer is yes, I will always, always love you.

Your Mommy 

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