Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Weekend

It has been a very productive couple of days for us.  Friday I got a job as a nanny.  Thank goodness, because I would have started eating dirt if David told me I couldn't buy organic any more.  Now I just need a Saturday coffee job to cut down my coffee budget!   The little boy I'll be watching is just two days older than Annora.  This is a huge blessing because we knew I had to get a job, but we didn’t know who would take care of the baby.  We also wanted to find a play buddy for Annora so she wouldn’t have to suffer the awkward only-child syndrome like I did as a child.  Now we’ve solved two issues in one go!

Saturday I went to the farmer’s market in Market Square.  This is another reason I needed a job; there is just too much fresh food here!  The market was HUGE.  There were at least ten produce vendors, not to mention all the free-range meat farmers, bakeries, flower stands and artisan crafts.  There was also a folk band in the pavilion who’s CDs I ended up buying.  Annora was looking out from her Baby Bjørn with huge eyes, mesmerized by all the sights, smells and sounds.  I only regret that I didn’t get more photos, because my camera ran out of memory after only three shots.  I came home with more groceries than I could carry.

 SOOOOO many people!

These peppers looked really tasty.

The farmer at this stand said I could slap him if these weren't sweet. 
I might have been a little tempted...

We were also looking for a church and we found a nice one in Old Town at the Downtown Baptist Church.  The people there have been really friendly to us and extremely welcoming.  We’ve only gone to one service and we’ve already been pulled into the choir, young couples group, mommy’s group and prayer meeting.  Every time we walk through a door there’s a whirlwind of smiles, hellos, and invitations.  Not to mention the "Aaaaws" whenever people see Annora peeping out of her carrier.

There was a request to see how David’s sculpture turned out.  I’m not going to lie; it did not fare well in the contest.  First, the judges politely placed a little orange string on the piece to say, “Please get rid of this.”  Then, when the piece did not move, they politely moved it next to the dumpster.  While I admit the piece did not turn out pretty, it was interesting, and I am very proud of David’s creativity and inventiveness.  The form for his sculpture consisted of water-balloons and panty-hose. 

See?  Inventive.

Here are some of the other projects from the competition.


  1. ...and they put HIS in the dumpster??? I agree, it was inventive and creative!

    So nice that you do this blog Katy; that is a very thoughtful gesture.

    Everyone misses you guys so much!

    Love ya,


  2. Congrats on the nanny job! Sounds perfect. Glad you found a good church there too :)

  3. I love how you're embracing your new world and getting right into the big fat middle of it!!! So proud of you.

    You are missed, too, though...I have to say that just because it's the truth. :) But so happy you're having this experience. Love you!

  4. Sounds like a great weekend. Glad things are coming together. Happy that you found a nice church and a choir.
    Dad says, we know how smart David is, he doesn't need to win no stinkin' contest. :)
    I also think David's sculpture is more interesting and creative. A block with a bowl inside it??? Please! The judges have no imagination.