Monday, November 1, 2010

Four Months



 Wow.  I feel like I just wrote about month 3 yesterday, now another month has come and gone.  So much has changed for Annora!  Here's the latest.

Growth-  She is officially twice the baby I had four months ago.  I'm also noticing that she's pudging up and looking way more "baby" where she used to be such a slender little thing.  She's still rather small, and we have a hard time appropriately dressing her, since she only fits into her summer clothes right now.  She gets to wear her pajamas in public all the time.
Milestones-  She's an old pro with her hands.  She loves to pick things up to chew on.  She's also becoming familiar with her feet.  She always gets dancy-feet while I change her and she loves to inspect the side of her changing table with them.  She's saying a lot of consonants, too.  Sometimes she'll be babbling and say something I recognize.  It makes my heart stop, until I realize that she's four months old and has no idea what she's saying.  Her current vocabulary includes lip buzzing, growling, and "LAmaaOHaaohAYOOOoooooooo!"
Favorite things- seeing herself or Mommy in the mirror, flying (especially when she's naked), getting her diaper changed, getting pig snorts or raspberries on her tummy, shaking noisy things, crinkly things, talking to new people, and being read or sung to.  And, of course, talking to Mom.

 Some fun outtakes:


  1. hahaha, the outtakes made me laugh out loud! she's sooooo cute. love when they discover their feet. it can be hysterical how they can finagle those feet all the way up in their mouth...and stay that way for long periods of time. so funny.

    love and miss you. she sure is pretty and so are you! xo

  2. Ahh the last three made me laugh! It's one of the best things about babies, really.

  3. Love the curly toes! "What a doll", says dad. :)