Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween 2010

I may have mentioned this before, but deadlines and this household are not friends.  So here's my Halloween post, three days later.  Not that it's a huge deal.  Halloween this year (for us) was decidedly mediocre, to say the least.  We went to church, which was super fun.  We sat in on a parenting study group then walked to a pumpkin sale at another church.  This church was on our bus route and had pumpkins covering their lawn all month, so naturally, we decided to show up Halloween day to pick up whatever they had left.  

They actually didn't have that bad of a selection.  There wasn't much for the traditional orange roundy, but they did have lots of lumpy, funky colored pumpkins, which is what we were looking for anyway.  We picked up as many as we could possibly carry with us on the bus.  Once we got home, David walked to the super-market and got tons more candy in preparation for the deadly onslaught of trick-or-treaters he was expecting.  Meanwhile, I decided that Annora had to dress up, even if only for 5 minutes, and even if I was the only one who would see it. 

Is it considered a bad thing if a child's dedication outfit is the same as her Halloween costume?  If so, I foresee many embarrassing moments in Annora's lifetime.  I hope she forgives me.

Finally, we snuggled in front of the computer for some good-old-fashioned Hulu and waited for the frighteningly cute kids to arrive. 
We waited.  And listened.  And watched. 
We even put all our pumpkins with a trail of candy leading up to our door. 
I chased one kid (who didn't bother to dress up) down the stairs to give him candy. 
David watched through the peephole as some punk teenager dumped the neighbor's candy bucket into his bag. 
In total, there were four dressed up kids who came to our door, and they were all together.  I gave them a lot of candy.  And thanked them.  And acted WAY too enthusiastic. 
How was your Halloween?  Did you dress up, or just turn the lights off and hide in the dark (ehem... Mom... Dad...)? 


  1. Anyone who looks that cute in any outfit can wear it whenever and wherever you please!! How adorable! Nice pic of the three of you, too. :)

    Guess you have to live in more of a traditional neighborhood to have a real Halloween. No, we didn't turn off the lights and hide. We put out our token ceramic jack-o-lantern and turned on 2 outdoor lights to invite the little braaa... darlings to come and beg for candy. Had to stick Luna in the other room so she wouldn't have a fit every time the doorbell rang, though. We only had about 15 kids come to the door, but I think the werewolf was here twice.

  2. oh soooooo very cute!!!

    we don't even bother to leave the light on anymore~ they just don't come on our street. i wouldn't either if i was a kid. :)