Friday, December 3, 2010

5 Months

See my new skirt?

I'm watching you, Sophie...

The little Princess, looking over her kingdom.

Guitar solo!

Annora's not just an infant anymore, she's a real Baby!  Before Annora was born, five months seemed so old and so far away, but we're already here!  She's traded in so many aspects of her infancy.  She has replaced her slender figure with soft and delicious little rolls of fat.  She no longer needs to be snuggled to sleep, but will go to sleep on her own once we kiss her good-night.  She can entertain herself with almost anything without any help.
We recently started using Parent Directed Feeding, which keeps your baby on a constant rotation of eat-play-sleep.  Now she naps for 15 minutes before every feeding, and seems a lot happier lately.  She also goes to sleep easier, I think because she knows that's the expectation.
We finally moved her crib out of our room this week and into the living room.  I'm hoping that she'll sleep longer during the night without us around to disturb her sleep.
She loves to touch everything, and inspect things with her hands.  She always wakes me up in the morning by touching my lips and my nose, and when I open my eyes I see a very inquisitive little face looking back at me.  If you give her toys, she'll whip them around in the air until they fly off into the distance, then she'll marvel at her little hands wondering where her toys went.  She likes to inspect everything from mirrors and windows, to the carpet, couch upholstery and bedsheets.
While most of her jabber still consists of lip buzzing, she is slowly building up her repitiore of sounds.  Just this morning she looked over at David and started shouting, "Dadadadadadadadada!"  You might say it's coincidence, but I'm pretty sure I've got my very own child genius.
I'm starting to make this a little too long, but there's still so much to say!  So bear with me, because Annora is about to start CRAWLING.  eek!  Last night, David and I watched as Annora pushed her chest up off of the floor and spun in a circle trying to play with every toy within arm's reach.  My heart jumped out of my chest, partly from pride and partly from fear because we haven't BABYPROOFED yet! Again, eek!(!!!!)  This is especially scary because only two days ago, she couldn't even do half a push-up, now she's a baby yoga master!  Lord, help me!
She's also eating cereal now, and that's so entertaining, it might even warrant it's own post.
Her favorite things this month include bouncing (especially to the tune of "Prim, Prim, Prim"), being tossed in the air, watching Mommy dance, hearing Mommy sing gospel choir songs, kisses, Peekaboo, being naked, having her fingers and toes nibbled on, and sponge-baths.
And her least favorite thing this month is pooping.

P.S.  Congratulations to my favorite Baby Blogger, Melissa.  She's having more!!!!  Yay!


  1. Can not wait to see you three. Much love from MN, it is snowing like crazy today! Annora is a little marvel

    Debbie 'n' Shevek

  2. She LOOKS like a Real Baby now! :) Oh man. What a DOLL. These pictures are priceless. And I am loving that skirt!!!