Sunday, December 5, 2010

Steppin' Out Saturday

I realized yesterday before I headed out, that I look like a gypsy.  Not the cute, boho kind, but the kind that makes people say, "Quick, cross the street!   Bag Lady is coming!"  Which is why I didn't bother taking an awesome photo for you. 

On the other hand, I do have one of the cutest faces in the world sticking out of my coat, which is great for luring people in.  I felt like I was in a musical yesterday because everyone was smiling at me and saying hi as I walked down the street.  They couldn't help but be happy with a cheeky, squealing baby looking up at them.  I sold more used pots and pans than I usually do, too.  I might be on to something, here...



  1. Katy, you're adorable - with or without an adorable tot strapped to your chest...she's just a great bonus.

  2. haha. i actually think you look like the cute kind of gypsy.

  3. Just a reminder that today is the Green Blog Hop and we would love to have you on board!!!


  4. Haha yes babies seem to make everything okay. Even if you think you look like a mess baby is always a shining beacon of distraction.
    I feel like those days are over now! Bella is a toddler... ahhh!