Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Annora: 6 and 7 Months

Nora turned six months old while we were away for Christmas, so month six is getting thrown in with month seven.  So much has happened in two months!



Nora's Discoveries and New Behaviors:
Sitting.  Her best friend Adeline Violet taught her this one
Eating Cheerios.  She invented her own sign for "more" by slapping her tray.
Banging on things with a stick.  Or a spoon, or fork, or her hand.  Just banging in general.
Screaming.  David's favorite.
Moving towards things that she wants by rolling or diving.  Next lesson: gravity.
Elephant noises.  This one kills me.
Standing while leaning or grabbing something.  Little Miss Independent picks out her own toys now.
Bouncing.  Or the Flipper flap, depending on how you look at it.
Drinking from a sippy cup.  Or holding it while milk dribbles down her neck.

In Progress:
Supporting herself on her hands and knees while doing the Flipper Flap and saying "UhUhUhUhUhUhUh."


My favorite part about seven months is how much she loves me.  She loves to cuddle and hug and chew on my face (I think that's supposed to be kissing).  Whenever anyone else is holding her she makes a Kamikaze dive into my arms.  I love having a Momma's girl.

Nora's favorite things:  Elephant noises, flying upside down, mirrors, Mommy, her sippy-cup, oatmeal, cheerios, her feet, empty boxes, playing Pop Goes the Weasel and dogs.

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