Thursday, June 2, 2011

11 Months

   So much has changed in the last month, I feel like I have a whole new baby!  Nora is a speedy little crawler, and she could get into anything if I'd let her.  Our house is officially Baby-Land, with gates, corrals, outlet covers, toys and cheerios everywhere.  She is constantly moving.  She can walk one-handed and stand up on her own.  She cruises around everything and she has even taken one step on her own (although I think she might have just lost her balance).  Her newest thrill is dancing.  Whether standing or sitting, as soon as she hears music she bobs up and down or back and forth.
   She has also started "putting away" and sharing her toys.  I have found her filling buckets, bread pans, orange cones and shoes with toys.  She loves to move things back and forth and fills my lap with toys.
  Annora has a growing fascination with her feet.  If she is standing, she likes to pat things with her feet or she will put her feet up when she is sitting at the table.  She loves when I play with her piggies.
   She is becoming so goofy, and I think she has her parents' strange sense of humor.  Sometimes she will laugh just because of the way I look at her.
   I can't believe that this is my last monthly post before her first birthday.  Every day I wish that I could just press Pause on Annora and keep her from growing just a little while longer.  Just long enough to catch up.  I don't think I'm ready for her to keep growing and I'm so afraid that I'll miss something or that I'll forget the most beautiful little moments.
   It makes me sad to know that she won't remember this time.  She won't remember all the cuddles and story times, or how she fits so neatly between my arms, pressed against my chest. 
   People might make fun of moms for being cheesy and emotional, but there is never any time that I have been more happy and fulfilled and full of love than when I'm holding my child.  I never understood that before I had Nora, and I never would have.  That's also why moms have ladies retreats and go to Mama Mia together.  We need to be around other people who are the same kind of crazy.
  Emotional mommy stuff: CHECK
  Up next: BRAGGING
Cool stuff she can do:
   walk while holding one hand
   stand alone (while clapping, too)
   make monkey and elephant noises, and woof
   fill things with toys and share
   drink from a cup
   wave hello
   play peekaboo and hide and seek
Favorite things of assorted varieties:
   wheeled push toy
   pictures of people, especially babies and people she recognizes
   tomatoes, asparagus and cheerios or any food on the floor
   emptying the dishwasher and the pantry
   being carried on our shoulders
   being tickled by feet
Tooth count:
   Two on the bottom, two more on the way on the top


  1. Oh wow, yes it makes me really sad too that they don't remember the baby days. We put so much love and effort into the early years, and they just won't remember. I think about that sometimes. But yes Nora is in that stage where it's like, bam bam bam! Milestone after milestone. Slow down! And it does, but man it gets more exhausting. Their energy level goes through the roof! Running and climbing and wanting all your attention. I am so emotionally/mentally tired sometimes! But I do love how much she notices me, plays with hair so carefully. But don't forget to take days to yourself. Have the husband spend a day with her, and you go do what you want. (sorry, moms just love giving advice, right? I can't help it!)

  2. Any advise that encourages break-time is good. I was surprised that after wanting a break for so long, once my husband was finally available to spend a lot of time with her, I had a hard time leaving. That might take some work.

  3. So very takes being a mom to ever understand the depth of love that comes when you have a child. It's so wonderful that you are loving every moment. And I had to laugh about why moms need breaks and need each other~ we are for sure a crazy bunch.