Thursday, July 21, 2011


   During our trip to Minnesota, we took a family trip to Fawn-Doe-Rosa in St Croix Falls, WI.  It's an educational petting zoo with all manner of farm animal, plus deer and other native Wisconsin wildlife.  Many of the animals are allowed to roam, including deer, geese, hens and roosters, and bunnies.  They also had an area with only baby animals, my favorite being the tiny little fox cubs and the calf.  Most of the animals could be fed by hand.
   Nora took a little warming up when we got there.  The first animal we tried to show her was a  little baby bunny, and when we tried to get her to pet it, she pushed it away.  After she woke up and walked around for a while, she was fearless.  Eventually I had to hold her back so she wouldn't lose her fingers to the ponies.

This lamb and kid went everywhere together.  Best friends forever!


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