Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Party Time

Last month, we made a trip to Minnesota for Annora's first birthday.  Our trip was originally supposed to last seven days, but we ended up missing our flight out of DC and embarking on a straight 22-hour drive at 11 at night.  In the end, we only got to stay about 5 days, but it was well worth it.
We saw Grandma and Grandpa and went to the park, had a girls' day at IKEA, did Star-Trek night and a lot of video games with our friends (of the Katamari and Kinect varieties), and Nora spent the rest of the time with Grandaddy.

We had originally planned to have a picnic party at Battle Creek Regional Park, but we got rained out and partied at David's sisters' house instead.  Lucky Nora had a lot of friends at her party, half of them my family, the other half were our friends and David's family.  I had planned the party perfectly in between Nora's daily naps, but since it was her party, she decided not to nap and was drowsy the whole time.  Thankfully there were no tears or fits, just a little sleepy face all day.  I couldn't get her to smile once for cake or presents.
Our menu for the day was a potluck picnic lunch, pink lemonade and Strawberry Mousse cake.  We had a special little carrot cake just for Nora to tear apart, but the frosting was a hard butter-cream and she's a dainty eater as it is, so the mess was minimal

Sharing her birthday with Olga and her cousin Cloe

Birthday dress: Laura Ashley, c/o  Auntie Debbie

Debbie brings the party, as usual

Top the trip off with a day at the park and a day at the petting zoo, and I think it may possibly be the best possible first birthday ever.
The trip home alone involved a drive-in movie, a crummy motel room with a wet bed, getting lost in West Virginia for two hours and being stopped by police (just once, thank God).  Probably our most adventurous drive to date.

Back home enjoying her loot


  1. Oh I'm so sorry I missed Annora's party! It looks like everyone had fun, that pink cake is really cute. And I love seeing the girl in cloth diapers, keep fighting the good fight! Next up, potty training. Womp womp :/

  2. What an adventure!
    The party was awesome! Thank you Debbie for being such a gracious host!

  3. Stop!  Stop!  I can't stand any more cuteness!

  4. Stop!  Stop!  Can't stand any more cutenesssss!