Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Three Months


I will probably say this every month, but Annora has grown so much!!!  She's still a tiny little thing, but she's so strong and smart.  We don't get to go out as much as we did when we first moved, but when we do she loves to look around and see all there is to see.  I had to start putting her facing out in her Moby d Wrap a little early because she was trying to turn around to see everything all the time, and she would start to slip out. 
People are also surprised that she's so alert, happy, even social in public.  If anyone stops to talk to her she'll give them a huge toothless grin.  She catches everyone's eyes when they see her looking around.
She can officially hold her head up on her own and roll over.  Now we're working on sitting up next.  She loves tummy time and beams with pride every time she rolls over onto her back.

She figured out her hands a couple weeks ago, too, and ever since then they've constantly been in her mouth.  She also realized that she can pull my hands into her mouth and suck on them when we're walking, which is a little inconvenient.  I don't know why, but she would rather suck on my fingers than her paci sometimes.

I finally got her to laugh!  My heart just shattered the first time she did it.  There's no one thing that will make her laugh, and nothing ever works twice.  I'm trying though, I'll make her laugh again.  She has to!